We closely monitor the situation around the world. ThreeSkins is a
manufacturer, NOT reseller, which means that we produce in unlimited
quantity all of our products and we are not affected by any
shortages. We will dispatch your order within our normal timeframe
window, however the postal operators around the world can process
mail slower than usual, so please, do allow more time for delivery. As
previously advised by the World Health Organisation, coronaviruses
do not survive for long on objects. It is therefore 100% safe to receive
postal items! As a manufacturer, we handle the A-to-Z process –
manufacturing, order processing and fulfilment under one roof,
practicing the highest possible hygiene. We thank you for your loyalty
and understanding despite these unfortunate circumstances for

We currently ship only in United States. But sign up for our emails to be on a lookout for shipping
across the world super soon!

We always ship your products within 24 hours of receiving the order.
You should receive your order between 1-5 business days. Remember – Covid – 19 may affect the
delivery timelines.

We use Fedex, UPS and/or USPS to ship the order.

Your estimated delivery time is in your Shipping Confirmation email.
We will send the tracking information in email updates once the
shipping label is generated. We recommend tracking the package with
the shipping company. But please feel free to reach out to us in case
you have problems with delivery support@threeskins.com (make sure
to include your order id in the email)

Our product fits in a letter size envelope and we use normal post,
which makes deliveries to a PO BOX absolutely acceptable.

Note: please do not choose the “Signed For” delivery option when you’re willing to use PO BOX as
your delivery address, because sometimes postal services may return the mail.

please ensure that you’re providing all required information to ensure smooth and faster delivery
experience. You may include your address as per the government id for the most accurate

That’s absolutely normal. We assign the tracking number at the first
step of the order’s processing. We need up to 3 business days to complete your order and then
postal company may need a little more time, from the moment they are in physical possession of your
package, until it scans the tracking and updates the information online. Please give it sometime
and if not you can always reach out to us at support@threeskins.com (make sure to include your
order id)

Yes, you certainly can. It means that we will send your order directly to the recipient so you
could easily order gifts for your loved ones. Make sure to provide valid billing address though,
which must always match the credit/debit card you’re using for payment. The billing address can be
different from the shipping address.

Yes, you have upto 3 hours after placing the order to change your
delivery address. Please feel free to contact us if there are any issues and we will try our best
to help with changes.

All products are shipped from our warehouse in Unites States.

We aim to dispatch all orders as soon as possible – in up to 3 business
days maximum. If you place your order on Friday afternoon for
example, it may stays unfulfilled by Monday. If there’s a national
holiday, as such as, but not limited to – Bank Holidays, Christmas,
New Year and etc. please do allow a few more days, because we and
the post may be closed. After big sale events as such as Black Friday
and Boxing Day we receive more orders than usual, which may cause
delays in order’s processing for a few days.

We’re really quick in processing your order, which means that
sometimes we may not be able to change it. No matter what, please write to us as soon as possible,
but not later than 3 hours from the moment you’ve placed your order at support@threeskins.com
*COVID-19 update: due to the fact that most of our colleagues working from home we can no longer
guarantee that any change would be possible. We’ve added a “Review” step during checkout to ensure
that you will double check all the information and products before to place your order.

We will always ensure sorting out any issues with faulty items straight
As soon as you discover a fault, please contact us via email at support@threeskins.com and include
the following information to speed the things up:

1. Your order id
2. Description of the fault
3. Pictures of the fault

We will always ensure sorting this out straight away. If one of the
items you received isn’t what you ordered, please send us an email at support@threeskins.com with
the following information:

1. Your order if
2. Picture of the item/s received and the full content of your delivery
3. The name/picture of the item you wanted to receive initially

We are really quick in processing your order and therefore sometimes
might be too late to cancel it straight away. Since we don’t offer
returns on any orders we request you to reach out within 3 hours of
placing the order for any kind of cancellations or updates.
*COVID-19 update: due to the fact that most of our colleagues
working from home we can no longer guarantee that any
changes will be accepted. We’ve added a “Review” step during
checkout to ensure that you will double check the address and
all products you are purchasing.

Sadly, we are unable to offer any returns on the products at this time.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with the order.

That’s absolutely possible! Simply select the option – THIS ORDER IS
A GIFT (this helps us ensure that no price will be disclosed), fill out the shipping address of the
person you’re sending to, but ensure that the billing address is the same as the one associated
with the card you’re using for payment. The order will be shipped out to the Shipping Address, not
the Billing Address. We’re not able to provide gift boxes, but we will ensure that the recipient
won’t see any receipts or details – they will be provided to you via email (your Order’s
Confirmation and Shipping’s Confirmation emails).

Please, carefully check the following possible scenarios:

1. We may have included a special notice that one or more of the ordered products are missing and
will be send separately without any

additional shipping charges. This happens when we couldn’t produce the item on time, or we were
facing some extraordinary issues with it.

2. If you have ordered 2 or more skins in order to reduce the amount of plastic we use, we may have
put them in one plastic bag – open the bag with the skin and check inside. It might not be very
comfortable, but this is one of the things we do to lessen our impact on the environment.

3. We made a mistake and really missed to send out one of your items: we’re extremely sorry if
that’s the case, but please make sure to email us as soon as possible at support@threeskins.com and
we will resolve this straight away.

This is the last thing we want to hear and we’re sorry if we’ve missed helping you out on time. All
you have to do is to send us an email at support@threeskins.com and we will resolve any issue you
might have and will support you entirely until you’re fully satisfied.

We produce all of our skins, but we don’t offer custom skins as of yet,
due to the fact that our machines produce large quantities at once. This may change at any one
time, so make sure to refer to the information provided at our website.

All of our skins are unique and proudly designed and 100% produced by our team in the United

Great news! You have got one of our amazing skins and now it’s time
to apply it to complete the look. We have prepared dedicated Install Videos to ease this process
and to help you achieve the best possible results. We may not have videos for all devices, but you
can use any other video, because the process of installation is always the same.
A few important steps that can’t be missed are:

1. Use a hair dryer all-around your device to soften the edges and all
curved parts.Don’t worry – this will not cause any damage to your device.

2. Prior application make sure to clean your device to perfection to avoid any dust or dirt to be
left behind, because this may case some bumps and bubbles.

3. Watch one or more of our install videos here: INSERT VIDEO HYPERLINK

If you’ve got one of our screen protectors with your skin, make sure to
install it before the skin. The newer devices come with edge-to-edge screens, therefore we no
longer have skins for the front part of the phone, which means you can simply apply your screen
protector on the front and the skin on the rest of your device. If you are using an older phone, as
such as iPhone 8 and earlier models, you will receive front skin as well. In this case you will
have to apply the screen protector first and then our front skin over it. The screen protector will
always be a little smaller than the front skin, therefore make sure to

heat the edges with a hair dryer when you complete the application of both to ensure seamless

We pride ourselves in offering the widest possible payment options for
your convenience. And we will never charge you any payment fees. Here are some of them:

– All major debit and credit cards, including American Express
– PayPal
– Amazon Pay
– Apple Pay (make sure you are visiting our website from Safari browser)
– Google Pay (also known as GPay. It’s advised to use Chrome browser to make this payment even

Unfortunately, we do not accept COD.

We usually charge your account at the moment of your order, however
it may take up to 3-5 business days until you see the actual transaction in your bank statement.

You can pay using any currency as long as your payment method
supports it. Please reach out to your payment method provider in case of any failures.

You can see the “Buy with Apple Pay” option when you’re visiting our
website from a Mac device, iPad or iPhone only on Safari browser. If you’re currently logged in via
Facebook/Instagram browser, Chrome or any other, make sure to visit our website from Safari and you
will see the option. When paying with Apple Pay, make sure that your shipping address is
up-to-date, because this way of payment is faster and sometimes it’s possible to select the wrong
address, which may cause issues with your order arriving on time.

This is very convenient and easy way to pay for your order. If you
have saved your card in your Google Account you can select Google Pay option during checkout, or
even in cart’s section and to complete your order using the details from your Google Account. As
this payment method offers faster and shortened checkout experience, please ensure that the
shipping address is up-to-date to avoid any delays or issues with your order.

We’re extremely happy to offer you Amazon Pay payment method
without any extra charges. When selecting Amazon Pay during checkout, you will be asked to log-in
with your Amazon account and you will see all stored cards and addresses from your Amazon account.
Select the correct address and check it at least twice to ensure it’s up-to-date and then select
the payment card you prefer to use. When you place your order with Amazon Pay you will be fully
covered by Amazon’s A-to-Z protection, even though you’re placing an order at our website and not
the Amazon directly. All orders paid with Amazon Pay will be dispatched by us as normal and they
will not be fulfilled by Amazon.

Of course you can. This is one of our most popular payment methods
which gives you flexibility and also adds protection to your order. We will never refuse support or
help if you have an issue, so no matter

what payment method you’ve used, make sure to get in touch with us
directly at support@threeskins.com

If your payment was declined then we haven’t charged you and your
order was not placed. It is important to place your order again. Possible reasons for this issue
and how to solve them:

1. A temporary issue with your bank’s systems. It happens sometimes, so placing your order again
should resolve the issue;

2. Wrong billing address – the billing address must always be the same as the one specified in the
bank that issued your card (or PayPal account etc.). You can use different shipping address, but
the billing address must always be accurate, otherwise your payment might be cancelled by the
payment provider;

3. Your card does not allow international payments for some reason: speak with your bank and ask
them if your card can be used on international websites for online payments, or simply use PayPal
instead, which should solve the issue in most cases.

It is very easy as with any other online retailer.

Step 1: Select your product and open the product’s page

Step 2: Click “Add to basket” to place the item you want to buy in your Shopping Cart

Step 3: Once you’ve finished shopping, click on the bag icon to view all items in your cart. When
ready select “Checkout” to continue.

Step 4: Complete your information and provide accurate details, address, phone etc.

Step 5: Click on the “Continue to Shipping” button and select your
preferable shipping method available for you.

Step 6: Click on the “Continue to payment” and select your preferable payment method.

Step 7: Click on “Review” and double check all the details

Step 8: Click on the “Pay Now” when ready to complete your order. This is also the step when you
need to confirm the billing address – if it is not the same as the shipping address, make sure to
select “Use different billing address” to complete this section. The billing address must always be
the same, as the one held by your bank for this payment card in particular to ensure fast and
successful payment.

If you using mobile version of our website: discount code should
be applied during Checkout (the step, following the Cart). At the top of the page just before to
start filling out your details and under our logo, you need to click on the “Show order summary”.
An expandable section will appears and you can apply you discount code in the special “Gift card or
discount code” field, followed by confirmation by clicking on the “Arrow” icon next to it.

For desktop users: when you are ready with your shopping and
continue to Checkout from the Cart section you will find your Order Summary on the right. There you
will also see the dedicated field, called “Gift card or discount code”. Write your code there and
then confirm by pressing “Apply” button next to it.

Discount codes are great and we know how much you love them.
However, we may offer them from time to time on different occasions, as for example if you
subscribe to our newsletter, or if you have placed an order with us and you got your loyalty
discount code. These may


change at any one time, so make sure to explore our website for
possible current promos. Please, also remember that discount codes in most cases can’t be used in
conjunction with any other offer, so your code might not be accepted, if for example we have
another seasonal sale at the current moment, as such “Black Friday” that gives you greater

If we issued a refund, you should have received an email confirmation
already. From this moment, please do allow 3 to 5 business days until your bank credit bank the
refunded by us amount.

We would love to hear more about your channel and to discuss
possible collaboration. We receive many requests and we can’t accept all of them, but please simply
follow these steps:

1. Make sure to check if we support the device you plan to use for your review.
2. Send us an email at support@threeskins.com with the details below.
– Link to your YouTube/Instagram channel/account
– How did you hear about ThreeSkins?
– The device’s model which you plan to use for your review

Our team will get back to you shortly if we approve your request.

We would be happy to hear your story and to offer you options to become an authorised reseller of
our products. You will be selling products from an already established brand, which guarantees
success. Many people from all around the world would be pleased to have a local retailer who sells
the original ThreeSkins products.

We would expect and be happy to receive more information about you, your business, location and
your plans.

You can get in touch with us at support@threeskins.com